Herbs have been used for centuries for medicinal purposes and beauty. Many herbal substances have proven therapeutic effect for hundreds of years. Horvital draws the best tradition of using healing properties of herbal extracts for animals' cosmetics.

Pets are particularly sensitive to chemicals and more likely to suffer from allergies and other diseases caused by the omnipresent chemicals. That is why we adopted the principle that our products will be based solely on organic ingredients of the highest quality and will contain unique medicinal herb extracts prepared in accordance with traditional procedures.

We do not conduct high-volume industrial production. We focus on a limited production batches of drugs with the highest quality in order to provide our furry friends with really furastic™ products. :)

Here are key concepts of our production philosophy:


Horvital - jakość  furastic™ quality

furastic = fur + fantastic


All of our products are carefully thought out. We combine a wide variety of traditional and carefully selected ingredients - herbal extracts, vitamins, essential oils and other medicinal substances, so as to achieve the highest efficiency.

Horvital - organiczne  pure organic ingredients


We use only ingredients of plant origin and naturally occurring in the body. We do not use ingredients of animal origin, artificial dyes and heavy metal salts. The vast majority of our components has been certified by ECOCERT or SOIL ASSOCIATION.

Ecocert  Soil Association  Fair Trade

Horvital - delikatne dla skóry i sierści  gentle for skin & fur


We use only a very gentle washing substances of plant origin as well as gentle conditioning agents and essential oils. All the cosmetics for skin care and hair have a balanced pH corresponding to the pH of the skin of animals.

Horvital - wolne od drażniących chemikaliów  free of harsh chemicals


We are not using ingredients containing SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), PEG (polyethylene glycol), parabens, nitrosamines, heavy metal salts, formaldehyde or any other substances that can cause irritations and allergies and may be toxic when used frequently.

Horvital - unikalne formulacje  unique formulations


Each of our products is a unique combination of several different active ingredients, including a variety of essential oils that are the basis of our recipes. Active ingredients are carefully selected to achieve synergies of action.

Horvital - czyste olejki eteryczne  pure essential oils


We use several different essential oils of well-known and well-documented properties in our formulations. We use only pure, 100 percent essential oils derived from organic plantations of herbs and from reliable suppliers.

Horvital - biodegradowalne i przyjazne dla życia wodnego  easy biodegradable & aquatic life friendly


All substances used in our products are of organic origin and therefore are very easily biodegradable. We do not use ingredients toxic to the aquatic environment.

Horvital - małe partie produkcyjne  small batch production


By keeping production runs small, we can always provide the highest quality and freshness of our products. Our products do not spent months in warehouses! The most important for us is quality, even at the penalty of slightly higher production costs.

Q & A

What distinguishes Horvital products from others?

We use traditional recipes and we are experimenting with new combinations of active ingredients. We select extracts of the highest confirmed efficiency. Our products have no potentially dangerous or irritating chemicals and most of the ingredients are certified by ECOCERT.

What is PEG and SLS?

PEG otherwise Polyethylene glycol is a chemical with a very wide industrial and medical applications. Due to its properties it is commonly added to many chemicals, hygiene products, cosmetics and medicines. Although studies have failed to demonstrate direct toxicity PEG can contain a wide variety of toxic pollutants which can easily penetrate into the body with PEG aid.

The SLS Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - nonionic surfactant (detergent) commonly used in detergents, cleaning fluids and cheap cosmetics. It can cause irritation and allergies. Has a drying effect on the skin.

Horvital products do not contain PEG and SLS.

Are Horvital products effective?

Our products are effective, provided compliance to instructions and regular application. Carefully selected active ingredients have a positive effect on skin and hair. In the case of antibacterial formulations their action is based on a very potent antibacterial properties of relevant herbal extracts.

Do repellant gel work?

REPELIT - repellant gel acts as a deterrent to insects. The product does not contain hazardous chemicals and biocides and its operation, as each deterrent product, is dependent on the physical activity of the animal, the weather and local conditions. According to a laboratory research components of the Repelit have a much stronger deterrent effect than artificial repellents Deet type. However please keep in mind that no product provides 100% effectiveness.

Are Horvital products safe?

All Horvital products are tested in the laboratory and on live animals under the supervision of veterinarians. Products do not contain harmful chemicals. Be warned however that some animals may have allergies to certain natural substances and therefore our products should be tested on a small area of coat before use. Also usage instructions should be carefully followed. In case any alarming symptoms occur please consult your veterinarian immediately.

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